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NexTier Quick Switch

It’s an Easy Switch to NexTier

Opening a NexTier Bank checking account is simple! Switching your account(s) from another bank is even simpler!

At the same time you open your account, you can also take the next step and switch your account(s) from another financial institution to NexTier by completing four simple steps (below). You can also open an account and return later to switch once you have established a new account.

Our Customer Care Center Can Help

Our Customer Care Center will assist you when you open an account and switch your checking account from your current bank to NexTier. We will guide you as you set up or transfer your direct deposits and automatic payments and close your old accounts. Call 1-800-262-1088 or 724-538-3410. Our Customer Care Center hours are:

Monday through Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Saturday: 9:00 a.m. to noon

Switching Your Accounts is Easy

When you make the switch, the Customer Care Center will help you complete four easy steps:

1. Complete Form #1 (Open a NexTier Bank Account) to open your NexTier Bank checking account.

2. Complete Form #2 (Change Direct Deposits) to help you arrange for direct deposits to this new account or to change your direct deposit information from your current bank. A Social Security direct deposit can be included on this form or switched online at the Social Security Administration website.

3. Complete Form #3 (Change Automatic Payments) to arrange to change your existing authorization for automatic payments from your previous bank to NexTier. This includes items like utility, loan, and insurance payments, etc.

4. Complete Form #4 (Close Your Old Account) to close your current account at your old bank. This is the final step to close out your old checking account and begin using your NexTier Bank account.

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