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NexTier Remote Deposit

Your money can work smarter for you with NexTier Remote Deposit. It is a quick way for your business to turn check deposits into cash. A desktop scanner connected to a PC and the Internet enables you to scan checks received from customers and issue deposits electronically, around the clock. Your funds, especially those with large dollar amounts, are deposited into your account sooner since electronic deposits typically take two days to process. NexTier Remote Deposit also offers multiple levels of security.

You can consolidate funds from multiple business locations into one bank, reducing check fraud since faster check clearing allows you to act sooner on returned checks. You also will save money and time preparing deposits electronically. If you pay transaction costs to deliver deposits to the bank, you will cut costly courier fees, in addition to having multiple layers of security.

NexTier Remote Deposit works as follows:

Scan checks from any desktop.
Using a desktop check scanner, simply scan both sides of the checks in a single pass.

Prepare the deposit.
View images of the scanned checks right from your PC. The dollar amounts for the checks are automatically read and the deposit is totaled.

Electronically send deposit to the bank.
Click SUBMIT DEPOSIT and it is sent to the bank through a secure Internet connect.

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